Itzy Ritzy

At Itzy Ritzy, they believe parenting in style is possible. Their modern collection of baby toddler and lifestyle accessories provides smart, attractive solutions to everyday challenges, from carrying heavy car seats to keeping school snacks under eco-friendly wraps. They love making your life easier, and their collection of multi-purpose products pack a number of dazzling punches without making you do a lot of work. Plus, they minimize their eco-footprint with environmentally conscious, no-waste solutions. Through it all, style stays at the top of their mind, designing chic prints you won’t find anywhere else in a confection of eye-catching colors.

Their biggest hits include Snack Happens™ Reusable Snack and Everything Bags and Travel Happens™ Sealed Wet Bags- eco-conscious helpers that you can pull out in a pinch, machine-wash and reuse. Now with a global presence with thousands of retailers across the US, Canada, Asia, Australia, Mideast and Europe, Itzy Ritzy is reinventing practical luxury for modern families around the world. As moms and dads themselves, they know what a wild ride parenting can be and consider the job done when you get your job done in a stylish, exciting and refreshingly simple way.